Dawnshore is a militant faction of High Elves led by the Quel'dorei Celina Sundawn. they have taken it upon themselves to serve as a military deterrent for any potential enemy threat. Similar to the Farstriders, Dawnshore's mandate is to protect Dawnshore Village far beyond its actual borders and look after High Elf interests mainly in Azuresong Forest. They have joined the Alliance after the cataclysm revealed Azuresong to the world. They employ mainly Dragonhawks and Hawkstriders. 


When the High Elves, led by Dath'Remar Sunstrider, arrived on the Eastern Kingdoms a small group of High Elves led by a ranger named Cecilya Dawnshore decided to travel North-east. Fighting off small groups of forest trolls, they eventually managed to make them flee from the forest they would soon call home, The Azuresong Forest. Many years passed and the High Elves had constructed a village along the forest's shore. They named it Dawnshore Village after the woman who led them to this forest. After Dawnshore Village was created, Cecilya Dawnshore created the faction of Dawnshore. A small military force to protect Dawnshore Village from possible threats. Their symbol represents a golden falcon with in the background a rising azure sun. The magi of Dawnshore crafted an artifact known as The Sunshield. This magical object gave the forest a camouflage shield that would make it look like nothing but sea. Therfor they were left in peace for over seven thousand years. And even when twenty-one years later the Scourge attacked Silvermoon, the Quel'dorei of Dawnshore were doing their usual things: Fishing, practicing skills and so on. The Scourge had no idea that they were there. But now with the recent Cataclysm an earthquake made the underground halls, in which the artifact that kept the shield alive was stored, colapse. The camouflage shield was lifted up and the Azuresong Forest was soon visited by nearby travelers who saw the sea change into land. They found one of the two old unused tunnels that led to Azuresong. Word spread among the Alliance and Horde that a High Elven zone had been found. Because of the possible dangers Azuresong could be facing, the tunnels have been blocked and the zone itself is a no-enter zone for outsiders. The only way to reach Dawnshore is by either flying to it or getting the boat from Stormwind to Dawnshore Village.

Known members

Name Role Status Location
Celina Sundawn Mayor of Dawnshore Alive Dawnshore Town Hall, Dawnshore Village
Taliana Silvershade Ranger Captain Alive Dawnshore Town Hall, Dawnshore Village
Leothas Dawnblade Guard Captain Alive Dawnshore Town Hall, Dawnshore Village
Mellisa Flameleaf Exalted Member Alive Flameleaf Manor, Dawnshore Village
Cecele Dawnstalker Exalted Member Alive All around Azeroth, Dawnshore Village
Alayse Assistant Tavernkeeper / Waitress  Alive Dawnshore Tavern, Dawnshore Village
Seraya Azurebreeze Tavernkeeper Alive Dawnshore Tavern, Dawnshore Village
Firael Dawnstrider Magus Alive Dawnshore Weaponry, Dawnshore Village
Lucya Silverleaf Weapon Vendor Alive Dawnshore Weaponry, Dawnshore Village
Sorena Silverdawn Dockmaster Alive The Dock, Dawnshore Village
Alderan Goldleaf High Priest Alive Dawnshore Village
Kenreth An'anor Alive All around Azeroth, Dawnshore Village
Celysia Dawnheart Alive Dawnshore Village
'The Black Cobra' Revered Member Alive All around Azeroth, Dawnshore Village
Darana Flameleaf Honored Member Alive All around Azeroth, Dawnshore Village
Sina'alah Belore(?) Alive All around Azeroth
Shynn Silverleaf(?) Alive

All around Azeroth

Lucya Flameleaf Exalted Member / Inquisitor Alive All around Azeroth, Dawnshore Village
Cecilya Dawnshore Founder of Dawnshore Deceased Dawnshore Village
(?) = Unknown

Unnamed members

  • Dawnshore Village Guardian
  • Dawnshore Ranger
  • Dawnshore Village Arcane Guardian
  • Dawnshore Scout

Faction rewards

The following items can be purchased from Aleysa Goldleaf at Dawnshore Village in Azuresong Forest upon reaching Friendly with Dawnshore:

  • Dawnshore Village Tabard
  • Dawnshore Longbow
  • Dawnshore Longsword
  • Dawnshore Greatsword
  • Dawnshore Crossbow
  • Dawnshore Shield
  • Dawnshore Rifle
  • Dawnshore Staff
  • Dawnshore Knife
  • Dawnshore Greataxe
  • Dawnshore Hatchet